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La cave historique de l'Hôpital Civil
Ancien bâtiment de l'hôpital de Strasbourg
La Tour de la porte de l'hôpital
Ancien bâtiment de la pharmacie

The historic cellar of the Civil Hospital of Strasbourg

Did you know that there was a historic cellar in the Strasbourg hospital?

Why is there a cellar in the hospital?

Do you know that the most wine in the world is kept in this cellar?

Taking a detour with Sophie Voyages to the historic cellar means choosing an atypical detour and getting to know the history of medicine. This story is rich in anecdotes  and still marks the landscape of the city center.

Our formula includes:

Extras: accommodation, transport, breakfast, drinks package, bike rental

Why visit the historic cellar?


Guided tour within the Civil Hospital (a city within the city)

Visit to the historic cellar

Insights into the history of medicine in Strasbourg

Sanitary conditions and measures



Sanitary measures

In case of partial cancellation:

Up to 30 days before the arrival of the group: 30% of the canceled quota will be due

30 to 15 days before the arrival of the group: 50%

14 to 9 days before the arrival of the group: 75%

8 to 0 days before the arrival of the group: 100%  

Free for children under 4 years old.

In the event of a dispute, the customer may contact the Tourism and Travel Mediator, but the customer must offer an amicable solution to the service provider before any procedure.

Covid-19 barrier gestures:

Hydroalcoholic gel available and respect for social distancing.

Disinfection of audioguides and vehicles before and after visits.

Mandatory mask wearing.

Catering to take away during the health crisis.

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